AquaSafe-O3 — Water Ozonator for Food, Tool and Surface Sanitization




  • Proven strong antiviral (COVID-19, etc), antifungal and antibacterial action.
  • Stronger oxidant than chlorine which destroys more than 99,9% of viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria and fungi.
  • Can be used for foods eg fruit, vegetables, meats, chicken, fish, etc and increases the shelf-life of foods.
  • Leaves no chemical residue, so no chemical aftertaste on food
  • Can be used to sanitize surfaces, floors and preparation equipment.
  • Can be used to sanitize hands, being less harsh than alcohol.
  • Spray bottles and buckets can be filled to clean surfaces eg floors and tables, hands, equipment, shoes, etc.
    The ozonated water can even be used in fogging disinfection machines and sprayers.
  • The system saves money by eliminating the need for continuous purchase of disinfectants and detergents.
  • The unit is simple use with its digital control technology with automatic operation.
  • It is simply screwed into the faucet nozzle and connected to the power.
  • Enhances overall savings on alcohol, disinfectant costs and detergents.
  • Digital control system with automatic generation when tap opened.
  • Small footprint: 175mm X 130mm X 50mm.

The AquaSafe-O3 is an ozone sanitization system using water as the carrier. It runs automatically when the faucet is opened to produce ozonated water for sanitizing foods, surfaces (walls and floors), shoes, hands, preparation equipment and dishes.

Washing fruit, vegetables and meats extends the lifetime of these foods with the added benefits of destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Clothing, cloths,cutting boards, etc can be rinsed in ozonated water to rid them of bad smells.

Fish and garlic smells in utensils or even on the hands are eradicated with ozonated water.

Babies toys and diapers can be rinsed in ozonated water to sanitize them.

The ozonated water can be used in fogging and spray machines or even spray bottles to sanitize the environment. This saves a lot of money on regular detergent / fogging sanitization liquid costs,