Ozone is a gas which consists of three oxygen molecules and is widely known to protect us by absorbing harmful rays from the sun. It is a proven sanitizer which is three times stronger than chlorine and has been in use for over a century. In many studies, ozone has been shown to destroy viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria and fungi. Ozone has other benefits over the competing UV solutions in that it gets to inaccessible areas (unlike UV) and also destroys aerosols.


We offer domestic and commercial gas and water ozonation solutions to protect and sanitize both your home and work environment whilst saving you money on continuous chemical and detergent costs and also on wet fogging call-outs. Our gas ozonators can disinfect conntinuously and safely, reducing the chance of infection from all viruses. Our more advanced models also have a “blast” mode for dry fogging. As well as on-demand activation, they also have programmable automatic daily cycles for extra sanitary protection. They haveĀ  built-in safety sensors to regulate and manage the safe levels of ozone generation.

Our water-based ozonators generate ozonated water from your tap automatically and can be used to sanitize fruit, vegetables and meats. They can also be used to generate ozonated water for surface decontamination in spray bottles or wet fogging liquids to be used in fogging machines. A major advantage of ozone over chlorine use in food, is that after 15 to 20 mins, ozone breaks down to oxygen, leaving no residue or aftertaste.


  • Cubic-O3: Ozone Generator for Continuous Background & Dry Fogging Sanitization.
  • Cubox-O3: Ozonator in a Box for Sanitization of Masks, Food, Clothing, etc.
  • AquaSafe-O3: Water Ozonator for Sanitization of Food, Surfaces, etc.
  • ProZone-P: Digital portable ozone analyser with 2ppm and 20ppm ranges.
  • ProZone-F: Digital ozone safety sensor with 2ppm and 20ppm ranges.